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About Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy incorporates hypnosis and other therapeutic elements to support a person to access their creative abilities to lay down new pathways which can be powerful and transformative. These new pathways can allow a person to release their blockages, so they can reach their goals.

Through a combination of modalities including hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP), counselling, Gestalt psychotherapy and mindfulness I facilitate the opportunity for healing of emotional pain/anxiety/trauma, release old programming (outdated beliefs), hold space for clients to feel heard, and observe them take back their power so they can reach their full potential.

Our work together is gentle, person-centred and collaborative; it can be carried out without having to dig into the details, or can include unpacking deeper layers, or sometimes, just a chance to talk things over in a safe space.

Individual hypnotherapy sessions


Individual hypnotherapy*

Helping people work through their presenting issues using gentle and effective methods to free themselves from that which may be holding them back. Each session is tailored to the person.

Sessions run for an hour each and can be either online or in person (at Kariong on Mondays).

*Health fund rebates may be available from your health fund.

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Hypnotherapy Packages

Lifechanging Packages:

Breathe Clean (quit smoking*)

In this package become a non-smoker in one session (2.5hrs).

Living Lighter (weight loss*/management)

Experience living lighter, shedding the excess that’s been weighing you down. This program not only stimulates long term changes for a healthier you, there is a strong focus on body acceptance which means a happier you. This package includes 4 x 1hr sessions.

*Health fund rebates may be available from your health fund

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Mindful mama sessions

Mindful mama sessions are get togethers which involve a sharing circle followed by a mindfulness practice. A chance to dedicate time to your self care, feel connected to yourself and others through sharing circle, and learn mindfulness techniques which nourish you. Walk away feeling refreshed and relaxed.

At this stage mindful mama groups are held via Zoom.

Sessions may be monthly or offered as a course of 4 x weekly session.

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Downloadable guided relaxations for kids, tweens, teens and adults.

  • Connection of body and mind

  • Aids regular sleep pattern
  • Helps balance the mind

Downlaodable guided relaxation recordings coming soon.